Is a Thyroid Condition Complicating Your PCOS? Part 2

If you suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome and feel exhausted all the time, you may also have autoimmune thyroiditis.
Some 40% of women with PCOS are afflicted by autoimmune thyroiditis. They are six and a half times more likely to have damage from this thyroid disorder than women without PCOS, according to a study in the March 2004 European Journal of Endocrinology.
The increased risk may be linked to low progesterone levels, leading to over stimulation of the immune system. It may also explain the increased risk of heart-damaging inflammation and other examples of autoimmune disease in women with PCOS.
Thyroid hormones are important to almost every major function in your body. They impact your cardiovascular system, metabolism, fertility and energy levels.
Make sure your doctor does a complete thyroid test along with your PCOS tests. Be sure he or she tests your thyroid antibodies as well as your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels.
Ensure your doctor is using the new TSH standards. Many women have been told they don’t have a thyroid problem when in fact they DO under the new guidelines.

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