I Am Dealing With Heavy Bleeding – What Can I Do?

Dear Robin: What other alternatives can I turn to instead of birth control pills so my cycle will be balanced? I have been dealing with heavy bleeding and I need a permanent cure for my PCOS problem because these tablets are not curing my sickness. ~ Janet

Dear Janet: According to Dr. Lara Briden, “Heavy menstrual bleeding affects about 25 percent of women.” So while you may feel like it’s a lonely journey, it’s actually very common. But that doesn’t mean it’s normal or OK. It’s a sign that your body is out of balance. And if your flow is more than seven days you probably didn’t ovulate either.

The usual problem is not enough progesterone to estrogen. The hormone progesterone lightens periods.

Hormonal birth control (HBC) could actually make the bleeding worse because HBC blocks progesterone altogether and further imbalances the critical progesterone to estrogen ratio.

There are two other less common reasons you could have heavy bleeding: 1) coagulation disorders and 2) an underactive thyroid.

If you’ve had heavy periods your whole life, ask your doctor to run a simple blood test for a genetic variant called Von Willebrand disease. If you test positive you will be referred to a hematologist or blood specialist who can help you with this coagulation disorder.

If the heavy bleeding came on at some point later in your period history, then you’ll need to begin by helping your body to balance out your progesterone and estrogen levels. You can do this by lowering stress levels in all areas of your life.

When your body is constantly under stress, it stops the production of progesterone in order to make more cortisol, estrogen and testosterone, and inflammation goes up. So when you lower stress, you build more progesterone and your body comes back into balance.

The PCOS 5-Element System will help to raise your progesterone levels, improve your progesterone to estrogen ratio, lower inflammation, and metabolize testosterone better. It will also help you to identify and eliminate your stressors. ~ Robin


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