I Have Severe Anxiety, Depression and Take Medication

Dear Robin: I have had PCOS since 2008. I also have severe anxiety and depression that I feel is somewhat related to my PCOS. My question is, can I take the PCOS 5-Element System supplements with my anxiety medications? Have you heard of any interactions between the two? ~ Amanda

Dear Amanda: Yes, you can take the Insulite supplements while you are taking anxiety medications because they are almost exclusively vitamins and minerals. There are two herbs in the supplements: milk thistle to help with liver function and detoxification, and saw palmetto to help with healthier testosterone metabolism. These do not interfere with your anxiety medications, and will help to balance your hormones and brain chemistry in a natural way. Additionally, the other four elements of the 5-element system will help to reduce your anxiety, and lift your moods so over time you may be able to reduce or eliminate your medications altogether. Just be sure to work with your doctor when you’re ready to do this. ~ Robin


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