Heal Your Holiday Cravings Day 3: The Steps to Heal Your Cravings

Hi and welcome, this is Robin Nielsen and this is Day Three of the Heal Your Holiday Cravings training and it’s really heal your cravings training. So, not just for holidays, but for some reason around the holidays, our cravings become so much worse, so we’re going to heal them. It’s so great to be here with you and I just want to acknowledge every single one of you who has shown up for the trainings either live or watching the replays. Pretty incredible, especially during this time of year when it’s so busy. I just want to acknowledge you for taking time for yourself. So important. Just breathe into that for a minute. How good does that feel? It feels so, so good. I went to a beautiful yoga class this morning, Shakti Naam, with my beautiful friend Denise Diani, who I think is going to be at the Heal Your Hormones Live conference, working with her to come and do one of her beautiful Shakti Naam yoga classes before one of the days because it is powerful.

It’s anti aging. It’s incredibly beautiful to help us restore and set ourselves up for the day. It’s cleansing. It helps us to get rid of all this junk that doesn’t serve us and that’s what we need help with. Right? To balance our hormones and to shake free of cravings. So, I just want to acknowledge a few of you who I have actually seen showing up here, I know there are a lot of you who are watching the replays and who watch behind the scenes and that’s amazing, however it’s just right for you. But I want to just give a shout out to those women who have been posting and showing up on a regular basis.

It’s really great. And just a big shout out to all of you who have been watching, whether they’re participating live or not. So great. Just want to honor you for showing up for yourself because that’s what it takes. It takes showing up for yourself. This week is all about cravings and you know, it’s been a busy, busy week for me, you know, and for my team doing something like this, it’s a big, big deal. You know, just setting us all up, getting the word out to you, getting all the information ready, making sure it’s digestible and understandable and that you can take it and use it. So you can imagine, I had some cravings last night and I went out to dinner with my husband. It was so lovely. Of course I would have loved to have had a glass of wine.

I was just thinking, that would feel so, so good to have a glass of wine. And then I thought, french fries sound really good. You know, I just was going through all these things because I was really hungry, really hungry. We’ll talk about how that can sabotage you for sure. I started, I started talking myself down. I started saying, “well, you know, if I have a glass of wine, here’s what’s going to happen, right? Uh, probably not going to sleep very well tonight. My stomach’s gonna feel pretty wonky. I probably won’t digest my food so great. I’m just not gonna feel overall very good.” I’ll feel okay for probably 20 minutes and then things are going to go downhill from there and I just thought, you know, that’s just not where I want to go. So I didn’t have a glass of wine.

I had a lovely cup of tea and mint tea is my favorite and mint tea actually helps to curb sugar cravings. How cool is that? Sugar, carbs, I was thinking french fries, right? And then I thought about the French fries and I thought, well I could get french fries but I know that they will be a little bit hard to digest. There’s a lot of bad fats in there. They also fry them in a fryer that also uses wheat, which is, you know, a trigger for me and messes with my digestion. I started going through all these things and I’m like, I can do without the french fries. I was breathing deep into all of this, how I was feeling, kind of my ramped up place from doing the trainings and I just kind of settled into the fact that I was gonna order myself some amazing food and I was going to go home feeling nourished and good.

I ordered a beautiful beet salad with greens and a few beets and they had some beet chips on there, some dehydrated beets. Oh my gosh. Unbelievably delicious. And then I had some petrale sole over some mashed potatoes with some brussel sprouts. Oh my gosh. Really, really beautiful. I feel great today and I slept well last night and that’s where we want to get to. One of the big things is just having an awareness and being able to, you know, look from up above and look down on the situation and say, “okay, what is going to serve me best right now” instead of just reacting in the moment. We’re going to have this awareness that starts to set off a path, this domino effect that really helps us to start making better choices for ourselves.

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