Heal Your Holiday Cravings Day 2: Identify Your Triggers

Welcome to Day Two of Heal Your Cravings. I say Heal Your Holiday Cravings because that’s where we are right now, in the midst of the beautiful holidays. Sometimes it can get crazy and our cravings can get even worse. Hey, I’m Robin Nielsen and it’s so great to be here with you today. We are gonna rock the holidays by staying more balanced and really understanding what it takes to be more balanced.

We have a lot of fun in these trainings. It’s meant to be fun, right? We all have our issues; that’s why this is such a safe, beautiful space. We’re all coming in with our stuff and it’s okay. Whatever we have is okay. I used to feel so ashamed and embarrassed of all my stuff. Like I never, ever, ever talked about it. So, this is so cathartic to be able to be okay talking about all of my issues, all my health stuff and it feels so good to have a community of women who gets me and who gets each other. That way we can support each other and bring everybody up together because that’s where we all want to be. Last time we talked about what type or types of craver you are because you can be more than one type.

This is just for right now because in two weeks your chemistry can shift. So we’re specifically talking about brain chemistry during this training. It’s how you’re feeling, it’s what’s showing up for you. A lot can happen during the holidays and all share why that is in just a moment. Why is a little bit different than other times of the year for craving. Today, we are going to identify your craving triggers. Day Three we’re going to learn the steps to heal your cravings. I’m going to give you the steps to heal your cravings so that you have some tools, no matter where you are, what’s going on for you, how your cravings are shifting, how your brain chemistry is shifting from day to day, you’ll have some tools that you can fall back on if you start to get out of balance. That’s all it is, right? We’re just a little bit out of balance. So cravings are a great way to tell that you’re a little bit out of balance. Please share where you’re joining in from. Love for you to just to say hello. There was a woman who joined in to our Natural Solutions group. I just want to say welcome and it’s so cool seeing all of us from all over the world because I get to learn about new places. You know, when I traveled to Nepal, it was like my favorite thing on a 16 hour plane ride was watching our flight path. All the different places that we were passing that I had never heard of. Like what is that? Where is that? It was unbelievably amazing. So wow. I mean that was my whole reason for going on a journey to Nepal to really broaden my horizons and learn, you know, about other cultures and other places and so it really was incredible.

A couple of key concepts here of why the holidays are a little bit different so we’re jumping ahead just a little bit. I want you to be able to understand a couple of things that are going on during the holidays that shift your cravings a little bit. All right. As the days start to get shorter and more is on our plate, these things can have a really big impact. So these would be considered triggers and that’s what today is about. But specifically right now around the holidays. So two things would be the shorter shorter days and less light. So shorter days and less light. Definitely triggers for cravings. And the second thing is a busier schedule. Okay. A busier schedule.

It’s not like the holidays come around and we start looking at our to do list and take things off it to make room for all the extra that comes in around the holidays. No, you don’t do that, myself included, right? I mean I’m doing this training during the holidays. I’m planning for an incredible conference. Heal your hormones live that’s coming up right after the holidays. I added more stuff than ever and you know, you have all the gift giving and the get togethers and you know all, all the extra stuff.

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