Get Tested Annually for this PCOS-Related Condition

Females as young as teenagers can begin developing atherosclerosis, a classic symptom of metabolic syndrome (syndrome x), which is closely linked with PCOS. Atherosclerosis  is a type of “hardening of the arteries” in which harmful cholesterol and fatty substances called triglycerides begin building up in the walls of arteries.

As the condition progresses, the space in arteries to the heart may narrow, reducing the flow of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the heart, causing cardiovascular disease.
Those of us with PCOS already have an increased risk of a heart attack. So it’s advisable to get tested every year from your 30s onwards, with a full blood workup to measure levels of triglycerides and LDL “bad” and HDL “good” cholesterol.
If you have a family history of heart attacks, other tests may be warranted. One such test is for C-Reactive Protein (CRP), which increases when heart-damaging, PCOS-associated  inflammation is present inside your body. Having a mother, father or sibling who died of heart disease before 55 increases your risk, especially if the victim was the same sex as you.
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