Food fight and the constant struggles with PCOS

by Trina Blazek

Guest Blogger

When it comes to watching your weight, how many women are truly thrilled when another holiday season comes around? All the food enticements are enough to make anyone watching their weight a source of anxiety and dread when they are trying to lose weight and suffer from PCOS. With the high carbohydrate and high calorie foods that envelop family gatherings and the guilt from over indulgence, combined with the struggle to lose weight, what is believed to be a joyous time, can turn into a time of anxiety for many women with PCOS. Woman with PCOS are further challenged trying to avoid sweets and keep their blood sugar levels in check. They know that eating the wrong foods will make them feel dreadful, but want to enjoy some indulgence and extraordinary meals that are part of family traditions. The predicament is always the same. How can someone with PCOS enjoy the holidays without the guilt associated with sabotaging their diets and compromising their health?

Whether you are newly diagnosed with PCOS or have been struggling with it for years, there is hope. First and foremost, give yourself permission to enjoy the holidays with a few limits. Keeping to a low carb diet and fitting in exercise will minimize your stress and guilt that comes with eating during the holidays. So pile on the turkey and roast beef and skip the mashed potatoes, pie, and cake! If you want to have a small treat, eat the high carb food in moderation, savor every bite and take a long stroll after dinner! Getting through the holidays eating in moderation will help you feel good about starting out the New Year with a fresh approach to weight loss and getting your health under control.

Be good to yourself today, stop feeling guilty and make a promise to take care of yourself over the holidays and turn over a new leaf in the New Year. How does someone with PCOS set and reach goals in the New Year for their weight and overall health? There is a well known system that has helped thousands of women live healthier lives, lose weight, and reverse their resistance to insulin. Insulite labs offers a full complete plan called “The Insulite PCOS System” which combines Nutraceuticals, a nutrition plan, an exercise plan, food addiction awareness and weekly support. Many women’s lives have been changed by this system and helped them lose weight, keep their weight off and reverse their resistance to insulin.

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About The Author:
Trina is a freelance writer who enjoys learning and writing about woman’s health issues.

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