Eating Right for PCOS and Good Eyesight

Those of us with PCOS are at increased risk of developing pre- and type 2 diabetes, which, in turn, make sufferers vulnerable to declining vision and even blindness. So it’s important to help prevent all these latter conditions taking a hold by eating an eye-healthy diet. 
This should include antioxidant vitamins like C and E as found in spinach, for example, as well as omega 3-laden fish like salmon. The bonus is that food items with these elements are also excellent for better weight control and improved management of all PCOS symptoms.
Lutein is another key antioxidant for eye protection and it is present in leafy green vegetables such as kale and collards, as well as kiwi, zucchini, pumpkin, egg yolks, corn and red grapes.

The antioxidant qualities of lutein collect in the center of the retina, supporting the structure of delicate photo receptors and filtering out certain types of light that can cause damage to the eye. Lutein is thought to improve the density of yellow macular pigment, which may protect against age-related degeneration. 
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