I’m Not Special

I'm Not Special

At some point I learned that I’m not special.

Of course I’m special because there’s only one me. In that sense I am very special.

But what I’m talking about here are problems. Having problems does not make me special. And having problems does not make you special.

Everyone has problems. Yes, even people you think don’t have problems.


I felt ugly, fat, and was pimply-faced in high school. I felt like I had so many problems.

My neighbor who was my age and the beautiful girl in school told me one day on the way to school that I just had baby fat and would grow out of it.

That made me mad. I’m thinking, when? When would I grow out of this baby fat?!

And then I thought, “What does she know, she doesn’t have any problems. She’s the most popular girl in school.”

Later I learned that she suffered from endometriosis. It’s a pretty harsh condition that involves the overgrowth of the lining of the uterus. It can be very painful and hard to overcome.

Everyone has problems. So, I’m not special in this regard and neither are you.

How you handle your problems matter. A lot.

If you’re not solving your problems, you are dealing with them either through denial or blame and neither is good for your health. Both will keep you stuck.

But when you seek to solve your problems, you are happier.

Happiness comes from solving problems.

When I learned this it made me even happier. Because I love to solve problems.

I know it’s an interesting concept, so I’ll let you think about it for awhile.

You’ve probably heard me say how important it is to take charge of your health?

That’s because it gives you confidence and makes you happy…you are actually looking for a solution to your health problems.

So I hope today, if you haven’t already, you will choose to solve your health challenges so you can be happy more of the time.

You’re awesome. Choose happy.

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