Bioidentical Hormones: Can They Treat My PCOS Symptoms?

Bioidentical Hormones: Can They Treat My PCOS Symptoms?

The result of a hormonal imbalance, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, often stems from Insulin Resistance. Reversing the symptoms of this condition, including cystic ovaries, often entails restoring a natural hormonal balance. For some women, bioidentical hormones can be helpful in the short term when used along with diet and lifestyle changes that support your body for hormone balance.

PCOS Hormones

This condition develops when androgens, or male sex hormones, are overproduced in the female body. Because the endocrine system is so delicate, this imbalance also affects the amount of female sex hormones that a woman’s body creates. As a result, women who have this disorder almost always experience low levels of progesterone.

Correcting imbalanced hormones often aims at reinstating the natural balance of the endocrine system. By using bioidentical hormones, women are frequently able to improve their hormonal balance by raising their progesterone levels.

Why Are Bioidentical Hormones Different?

Oftentimes, progesterone support entails the use of a synthetic hormone called Progestin. Although it was developed to act like progesterone, it is not a healthy choice and is harmful. For this reason, bioidentical progesterone is a better option. This hormone is derived naturally from yams and is better accepted by the body than its synthetic counterparts. We use vitex or Chasteberry in our nutrient system to help you naturally raise progesterone to improve the progesterone to estrogen balance that can be causing so many of your symptoms. Learn more about the nutrients here (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Another favorite bioidentical progesterone is the ProgestAvail – click here to learn more.

In addition to being effective, bioidentical progesterone is easy to use. In pill form, or liquid form where it is simply applied to areas of the body with the thinnest skin and highest blood flow, such as the inner thighs and arms, upper chest, and breasts. You can use it from day 14 to day 28 of your menstrual cycle or if you’re not menstruating, you can use it all month long. It is wonderful for helping with menopausal symptoms as well.

Benefits of Bioidentical Progesterone

Women frequently experience a lessening of their symptoms when using bioidentical progesterone along with healthy diet and lifestyle changes that support hormone balance. Some women may experience weight loss, the clearing of acne, and the diminishing of excess facial hair, although it can take up to three months for the progesterone to fully kick in. Women who successfully improve their condition through this method are encouraged to decrease their use of the hormone as much as possible, allowing their bodies to begin to regulate their own normal hormonal cycles.

Bioidentical progesterone is a wonderful option for women who are looking to reverse the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This option can improve natural hormone levels. Before using bioidentical progesterone, women are encouraged to talk to their integrative doctors about the benefits of bioidentical progesterone and how it may improve their symptoms.

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