Better PCOS Health: Five Ways to Get Kids (and Yourself) Moving

Children sometimes need a gentle push to get into the habit of regular exercise. Making sure they remain healthy is a great way for you to keep fit at the same time and here are some suggestions that can be mutually beneficial:
1) Set a good example. Children need to understand that you believe in taking care of yourself while advocating that they do the same. It’s no good eating chips on the sofa while telling them to exercise and eat healthy meals. So practice what you preach. Let them see you working out or taking part in other energetic activities, even if it’s only a regular brisk walk.
2) Make exercise “cool.” Suggest activities that are not going to embarrass a child. Invest in a stylish kid’s bike. It doesn’t have to be expensive – there are always plenty of good used examples for sale in the classified ad section of your local paper. Again, you could lead by example by buying one for yourself, though don’t insist upon accompanying your child all the time. An alternative is to suggest something he or she may never have thought of, like taking a course in a martial art like judo.
3) Restrict sedentary time. Be firm about controlling the number of hours your child spends in front of a television screen or playing computer games. This is a danger period for eating snacks and guzzling sugar-rich sodas. Try to set a target of 60 minutes of physical activity for the child a day, most days of the week.
4) Take a firm stance. Don’t allow your child to argue about the need for good health. Say right from the start that by getting into the habit of eating a balanced, nutritious diet and exercising early, the child will help guard against ill-health later in life.
5) Promote the concept of personal best. Many children avoid exercise because it involves a competitive element like playing sports with other kids. But there are plenty of healthy exercises, like walking and swimming, which don’t need to involve competition. Encourage your child to regularly set new distance targets and offer fulsome praise when he or she achieves them.
Some 15% of American children are currently obese and many are already experiencing heart problems and various forms of Diabetes, which used only to be be seen in adults.
Liver diseases, including even cirrhosis, are also increasingly being detected in overweight teenagers. Cirrhosis, which is irreparable liver damage, is commonly linked with alcohol misuse. But it can also be caused by a fatty diet which includes an excessive intake of fast food and sugar-laden drinks.
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Excess weight and obesity often have Insulin Resistance as their underlying cause. Poor diets and lack of exercise mean that more and more youngsters are developing Insulin Resistance, which is caused by an imbalance of glucose and insulin in the bloodstream.
Fortunately, Insulin Resistance in both young people and adults is reversible. But if this condition is neglected, it can lead to a variety of disorders, including the cluster of cardiovascular diseases called Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), which is a significantly increased risk factor for a heart attack or stroke.
So remember that it’s never too soon to start taking action to preserve your child’s health or, for that matter, your own, too.

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