Women with polycystic ovary syndrome may benefit from acupuncture

Sept. 7, 2008

A woman in the US who struggled to get pregnant with her first child and miscarried with a second pregnancy entered a study into acupuncture on polycystic ovary syndrome and fell pregnant

Rebecca Killmeyer claimed that acupuncture treatment helped her to ovulate regularly which in turn allowed her to become pregnant.

The study into acupuncture’s effects on polycystic ovary syndrome was carried out at UVA Health System and principle researcher Professor Lisa Pastore believes acupuncture could be an important alternative, non-drug therapy for women with the disorder.

“Over the last year we have seen women who never had a regular menstrual cycle start having regular periods,” said Pastore.

“We can also boast several pregnancies since the study began. Now we would like to recruit more people to the study in order to complete it.

“It is important for research to have enough participants to ensure that the results are scientifically credible and not due to chance.”

Before entering into the program, Rebecca Killmeyer was sceptical but her concerns soon gave way to feelings of relaxation.

“When I saw those tiny little needles coming at me I thought to myself, ‘I didn’t sign up for this!’ but I tried it and after a few minutes I was asleep on the table,” Killmeyer said.

“The sessions were completely refreshing after awhile.”

Killmeyer developed polycystic ovary syndrome in 2005 and has not had regular, monthly periods in over five years. One month after she started acupuncture treatments she got a period and for the next three months, they continued.

While there are many traditional drugs and therapies that manage this syndrome, this research is assessing whether acupuncture can be successful in regulating hormones and curing the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

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