What The HEC?

What The Hec?

I love Sundays because it’s the start of a new week, a day of rest, and a chance to regroup for the week ahead.

A couple months ago I hurt my shoulder playing tennis. A ball came hard and I reached for it with my right arm, and when the ball hit my racket it pulled my arm back so hard that the next day it was very sore.

Then about two weeks after I injured my right shoulder I got sick, really sick.

have a lot of tricks up my sleeve that I use to stop things like a sore throat and respiratory infection dead in its tracks, but there was no stopping this one.

I was babysitting the sweet two-year-old girl next door, Karleigh, and she brought with her a raging ear infection that her mother didn’t know about.

One week later I woke up with a very sore throat, and I still had a sore shoulder.

I was in a bad way.

My body was saying “STOP!”

It wasn’t whispering to me anymore, it was screaming.

So I had to change up my routine even though I wasn’t happy about any of it.

I hate being sick and I hate having a sore arm.

When I hurt my arm I had to stop playing tennis, and then when I got sick I had to stop everything.

My busy, robust, full-of-energy life changed in an instant.

had to change the whole way I was taking care of myself so that I could heal my body.

I didn’t play tennis, in fact I hardly went outside, and I love it outside.

I changed the food I was eating to support healing.

I had to sleep sitting up so I wouldn’t cough all night.

I sipped on hot tea all day, rinsed my nose, ears and throat several times a day, took a whole plethora of nutrients for healing, and many other things to support my beautiful body.

My respiratory infection that could have lasted weeks and weeks like it did for many others this winter, was over for me in 10 days. But it felt like an eternity.

It’s a similar situation with PCOS and symptoms of hormone imbalance. Your body is screaming at you – “Please do something to help me!”

And, yes, you have to change up your routine. Because what you’re doing right now is not working.

One of my good friends and colleagues, Dr. Jade Teta, measures HEC – hunger, energy and cravings to take inventory of how you’re doing to support your metabolism.

I like to add a couple more things to this list: stool, libido and period (if you still have one)

And then the acronym looks something like this: HECLSP

  • Hunger
  • Energy
  • Cravings
  • Stool
  • Libido
  • Period
  1. How is your hunger throughout the day?
  2. What is your energy like right now?
  3. Did you have any cravings today? If so, when and what did you crave?
  4. When were your bowel movements today and were they well formed?
  5. Are you interested in sex? Rate your interest from 1-5.
  6. Is your period regular? If not, write down the specifics.

These six key indicators can help you gauge how you’re doing to take care of yourself

When these begin to come into alignment, you will be feeling a whole lot better, and it’s a sign that your metabolism is clearly healing.

Your body doesn’t understand that you are too busy or too distracted to take care of it. All it knows is that it’s being neglected, and continues to shout louder and louder until you listen.

I know you’re on it. You’ve heard your body and now you are taking action. You’re doing like I did – making the necessary changes to heal.

Whatever it takes, right?

Next Steps

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