What does anger have to do with PCOS?

I believe that living a happy, fulfilled life is why we’re here. So if anything gets in the way of that, I want you to get mad about it. Because that anger will fuel your desire for change.

That’s what happened for me. Quite a few times in my life so far, anger has given me the inner fire to turn less than optimal circumstances into amazing changes.

It’s really about what we’re done tolerating. Sort of like when we’ve reached the end of our rope.

Now, I’m not saying to walk around angry all the time. Quite the contrary. But what I am saying, is not to suppress your feelings. I’ve been the queen of suppressed my feelings as many women are, but no longer!

**News flash** it’s not healthy and nor does it support healthy relationships with anyone including yourself.

One day I got really mad about the roll of fat over my pants. And I was angry that I had complained about it for so long. So I decided I would do whatever it took to lose weight after that.

Another time I got angry when my face broke out again with acne when I was 35 years old. I said to myself, “That’s enough! I’m going to figure this out!”

I got angry at myself for being resentful all the time – feeling overworked and under-appreciated. So I decided to start letting go, asking for help and I stopped trying to control everything. I put myself first more often and I became a more beautiful, loving person.

So what are you mad about? How can you use this anger to fuel positive change for yourself? What are you sick and tired of? What are you tolerating?

Take a few minutes and write the answers to these questions in your journal. Then use this fabulous energy to make powerful change for yourself.

Here is a short video I made just about this topic that you might enjoy – click here to watch

I’m here for you every step of the way.


Next Steps

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