Weight Loss Day 3: Q & A Plus Laser Coaching

I want to touch on a few of the topics that we’ve been discussing all week because we talked about a lot of things over this past couple of days, and I just want to make sure that some of them are starting to sink in for you. I’d like to go over what those six simple steps are to weight release right now. If you can remember what they are, I’m going to go over them now. So, the seven simple steps that we talked about, the first and foremost is food. If the only thing that you did was change what you were eating and ate foods that really serve your body and avoid foods that didn’t, it would make a huge, huge difference.

Number two is nutrients. So one of the issues that we ran into is becoming a hibernating bear. The hibernating bear doesn’t have a lot of resources and so its metabolism really slows down. So unless you replace the missing nutrients, you need a lot of nutrients. Usually, unless you replace those, your body’s gonna stay stocked, so your metabolism is not going to function properly. I’m taking nutrients, and I’m here to tell you that I would not be here today in this kind of shape if I didn’t take a lot of nutrients to really help my body along. So the reason being is that some of us have receptor issues.

Some of us have absorption issues, some of us have what is called SNPs, so that has to do with our genetics. And so we just don’t convert well from the inactive form of certain nutrients to the active form, like vitamin D or folic acid, or beta carotene into vitamin A. So we need some extra support and we have to take those nutrients in their active form in order for our bodies to work. That’s why it’s so important to work with somebody who really knows what they’re doing so that you can get the support you need, right? Nutrients are critical.

Number three is sleep. So sleep is so important and sometimes we need more rest until our bodies can heal because sleeping is when we actually heal. It’s super critical for us to get that restorative sleep. If you’re taking sleep medications, unfortunately, you’re not getting restorative sleep, so you have to find a way to sleep without medications and that will actually help you to heal.

Number four is stress management. We actually don’t want to just manage stress, we want to eliminate stressors. Those of us with hormone imbalance issues tend to have less stress resilience, and we need more support around that. So it’s really important to identify your stressors and to get them out of your life or shift your perspective on them. I always say stress tends to be very perception oriented. If you’re nutrient deficient or if you’re sleep deprived or if you’re food deprived, then the littlest things are really going to bother you and you can really mitigate your stress response by getting more pleasure.

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