Weight Loss Day 2: The Weight Loss Manifesto

We’re learning about the six simple steps to weight loss, and it’s the weight loss manifesto today. It’s great to be here with you. It’s so wonderful to be able to provide training so that you can take the next steps in your health journey. So yesterday we talked about some pretty powerful things, it was all about busting some myths around weight loss. It’s pretty incredible about how it’s not counting calories or exercising. It is really more about and having a sluggish metabolism and getting our metabolism healthy again.

Yesterday I also actually talked about how I’d just gotten my top braces off, and I got my bottom braces off today. I’m pretty excited, my mouth feels so incredibly good. I’ve had braces on for about eight and a half months and I had braces as a kid, but I hardly remember it. So the reason I bring this up is because of what we’re doing in this training. We’re learning actually how to bio-hack our biology so that it can function better.

If you’ve been set with weight loss or weight resistance for a while, you know how hard it is to lose weight or to release that as we learned yesterday. So my braces were actually because I have a tendency towards frozen shoulders, and I’ve had three. If you’ve ever had a frozen shoulder, you know that you can’t lift your arm very high. You cant brush your teeth, you can’t get dressed. It’s really, really hard. Sometimes they can take a long time to heal, up to a year easily, so it’s a big deal for me. And so I actually was out surfing one day and one of my friends told me that I need to go see this holistic physical therapist. So, I went to see a one and he discovered that my bite was throwing my neck off, which was putting my shoulders out of alignment and the rest of my body out of alignment.

How amazing is that? And if I held my mouth a certain way, my gait was good, I was balanced and everything was in alignment. But if I went back to my normal bite, everything got tweaked again. It was so amazing that he said that because I had pain in that area my entire life. When I got my braces, what they did is they widened my palate and moved all of my teeth forward. They took all the pressure off of my neck, and honestly, I don’t have neck pain anymore. My shoulders feel so much better. I can actually serve really well in tennis now, my body is in much better alignment. That is what we call a bio-hack, right?

We actually have a central page, the six simple secrets to weight loss where you can catch the replays of these videos. You can download the handouts and there is the weight gain assessment that is up there right now.

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