Go Walnuts

Walnuts usually get high praise for being a brain food, but did you know they can also benefit women with PCOS in many ways? Walnuts offer many health benefits ranging from glowing skin to better sleep. They are packed with Omega-3 healthy fats that help lower inflammation and balance insulin levels.

Walnuts have been found to increase melatonin and serotonin; these two neurotransmitters are responsible for sleep and mood stability. Although they may not have a direct effect on PCOS symptoms, we all know that good sleep is a vital part of keeping us healthy. During sleep, our body has a chance to rejuvenate itself. A great night’s sleep can decrease pain and inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and produce the hormones necessary that control your metabolism and appetite. After a great night’s sleep you wake up feeling radiant, refreshed, and more energized!

Walnuts are an amazing food when it comes to insulin regulation and androgen reduction. Keeping our insulin stable is a key factor in managing PCOS. Walnuts have been found to increase the bodies insulin response by 26% when consumed regularly. Walnuts also increase the protein production in our liver, or our Sex hormone-binding goblin (SHBG), which helps regulate androgen and free testosterone levels in our bodies. By keeping these levels more balanced we are able to keep our hormones working in harmony.

Fun facts:

  • Just a handful of walnuts a day can provide 90% of the recommend daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids
  • High source of minerals such as magnesium, copper and iron
  • Loaded with Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant
  • Loaded with fiber
  • Contains linoleic acid which aids in weight loss and fat burning

Here are a few simple ways to add walnuts to your diet:

  • Add a handful a day for a quick snack.
  • Add chopped walnuts to the top of a salad.
  • Add a few walnuts to your morning smoothie.
  • Use ground walnuts as a breading for chicken or fish.

Walnuts are one of my favorite nuts to have on hand. I store them in a sealed container in my fridge for maximum freshness. A small handful of walnuts is a simple and quick pick-me up when I feel sluggish or need a little boost of energy for an afternoon activity.

How will you have your walnuts this week?

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