Vitamin D is missing link in ovulation for identical twin

The current edition of PCOS Health Review features a fascinating article on identical twins with PCOS, only one of whom was able to ovulate when they both stopped taking birth control pills.

Although the twins shared same lifestyle of positive nutrition,  exercise and supplements and had identical genes, the ability to ovulate was missing for one of them.

In comparing all the elements of their lifestyles, the twins discovered that one liked to sunbathe and the other did not. After starting to take the sun in May, the non-ovulating twin began ovulating! It was the Vitamin D from the sun that was the missing link.

She was already taking 600 IU of vitamin D in a d-pinitol formula – but just not enough. Her dose of D increased by 200 IU/day, her cycles continued  and eight months later she became pregnant.

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