Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham Hiking in the Hollywood Hills? Eating Natto to Combat Acne?

Posted in David Beckham, Victoria Beckham  by Laura Lily on August 4th, 2008
Victoria Beckham has reportedly been keeping fit by hiking in the Hollywood Hills.
A source said, “It was a surprise to say the least that Posh is into hiking.
“She’s rarely seen out of tight-fitting designer dresses, let alone hiking gear.
“It would be interesting to see whether she wears hiking boots. But then, she once wore high heels for playing baseball, so perhaps she goes on long walks in the California wilderness in her Louboutin heels!
“Good for them if they are getting out in the fresh air.”


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Victoria Beckham has reportedly been eating specific Japanese food to help combat her acne-prone skin.
Victoria’s latest Japanese food of choice is Natto, which is made from fermented soy beans. Natto supposedly helps clear up acne scarred skin because of its vitamin PPQ content, it is also said to increases energy levels.
A source said, “Victoria says Natto tastes weird and smells a bit horrible but you only have to eat a small portion to get the benefits.
“She has just been having two small pots a day, sometimes with rice.
“She has been able to relax her super-strict diet and eat and drink more of what she likes, such as green tea ice-cream and her all-time favourite, champagne!
“David is very happy about it and Victoria has already noticed a difference, even though she has only eaten it for a couple of weeks.”

Victoria is reportedly “thrilled” after adding Natto to her diet and she has gained 8lbs.
The source added, “Victoria’s confidence is really growing. She is looking fantastic and so natural that she’s comfortable being seen out in the casual Los Angeles look nowadays.
“She feels much more chilled out now and the extra pounds make her look so healthy.”


It has also been reported that Victoria and her hubby David Beckham are hoping to have another child, hence Victoria’s eating Natto and her eagerness to gain weight.
A source said, “Victoria knows she needs to weigh more to conceive, so she’s bumping up the calories.”
Speaking about her constantly commented on, skinny frame, Victoria reportedly said, “Some people can’t help being thin, some people can’t help being fat.
“People just have to be healthy.”


In yet more rumours, Victoria Beckham has reportedly been having problems conceiving, so she has been seeking advice from fertility specialists in London and Los Angeles?

Victoria reportedly recently had a routine checkup at the Portland Hospital in London, England, where she was informed that her fertility rate has dropped.
Victoria and David have reportedly been trying to conceive for 3 months.

A friend of Victoria’s reportedly said, “Victoria also suffers from PCOS; polycystic ovary syndrome, and irregular periods, both of which can affect her chances of having a baby.
“She’s trying not to get too nervous as she knows this won’t help, but it’s becoming more and more of a concern.”

A source said that Victoria and David have been discussing the possibility of fertility drugs, maybe
The source said, “They’d definitely try Clomid if they really had to, but they’re hoping not to resort to that.
“The couple laugh about it now, Victoria’s main worry with having twins is, can she pull it off looking as glamorous in a maxi dress as the likes of Angelina Jolie?”

Victoria, 34, is reported to be 5? 4? and her weight is 110lbs, 7 stone 12lbs?

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