Make Your Valentine’s Day Healthier!


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day remains one of the biggest and most unhealthy eating holidays of the year. From heavy dinners to lots of candy, this holiday not only can cause issues for your waistline, it can also affect your PCOS. With Insulin Resistance being one of the main symptoms of PCOS, all of the carbs, sugar and bad fats that come with over indulging on Valentine’s Day can cause your Insulin levels to skyrocket! However, with a few small modifications, you can enjoy all the fun things about Valentine’s Day without the health risks.

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1. Stick to Dark Chocolate

Candy is not only one of the biggest Valentine’s Day staples, it is also the unhealthiest. Chock-full of preservatives, trans-fat, refined sugar, and chemical additives, candy is going to do nothing    but spike your PCOS. Instead, go for dark chocolate covered fruits or nuts. If you are feeling really creative, try whipping something up from scratch using all natural ingredients!


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2. Out to dinner? Think before you order

Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day can easily rack up your day’s calorie count. Instead of beginning the meal with a greasy fried appetizer, try starting with a small salad or soup. Skip the creamy options and go for a vinaigrette or light broth instead. Next, avoid the bread/chip baskets. These little baskets are going to do nothing but add on calories, fill you up and raise your insulin levels. Last, try a broiled or grilled option instead of fried for your protein, or go for a whole-wheat version of your favorite pasta. Skip the rice and potato side dishes and instead go with a steamed veggie option. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that restaurant portions are usually much bigger than normal, so try eating half and taking the rest to go!


3. Staying in? Cook a healthy meal together

heart 04A lot of couples who decide to stay in on Valentine’s Day tend to order som e sort of take-out. Skip the greasy food packed in those to-go containers, and make something together instead. Try broiling some fish, grilling some chicken or even finding a healthy recipe for your favorite take-out dinner. Not only will you save money, calories and avoid the crowds, you will get to experience all the fun and intimacy that comes with cooking together, that you wouldn’t have got if you went out to eat.

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4. Need a date night? Do something active instead

Looking for something fun to do with your Valentine? Skip the dinner and a movie date and try something active instead! Live where it’s warm? Go on a hike, a long bike ride, or get some other couples together for a game of volley ball or baseball. End the night with a nice picnic.Colder Weather? Try finding some indoor activities such as ice/roller skating, take a cooking or a dance class, or go on a tour of a museum. If you are feeling extra adventurous, try indoor rock climbing or go to an indoor sports complex! Not only are these options going to burn off some calories and make you feel good, it will give you and your sweetie something fun to experience together!


No matter what you are planning for Valentine’s Day this year, just remember that the day is really about the love, laughter and fun shared between you and your special someone.


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