Tweak Your Diet to Transform Your Weight and PCOS Health Part 2

As we said yesterday, only very slight changes to your eating habits can result in weight loss and improved PCOS health. Here are two more simple examples of what we mean.

Firstly, avoid products with the words ‘hydrogenated fat’ in the ingredients list – culprits include low-cost cakes, biscuits and pastries.

Studies show that eating even small amounts of transfats – or unsaturated fat – increases your risk of heart disease more than consuming any other food. By replacing just 2% of your intake with different, healthier fats, you can more than halve your risk of PCOS-linked cardiovascular problems.

Secondly, instead of filling your plate with carbohydrates, such as pasta and rice or meat and potatoes, first fill half the plate with salad or vegetables, then split the remaining half between carbohydrates or meat.

Halving the quantity of rice like this, for instance, can cut calorie intake by 200 calories for a modest portion  – or 400 calories for a generous 250gm helping.

Re-arrange your plate along these lines once a day and within two weeks you could have cut out enough calories (nearly 3,000) to lose a pound of hard-to-shift body fat. You will also be increasing your intake of low-calorie, health-boosting vegetables at the same time.

More tweak tips tomorrow.

Next Steps

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