Turn Your Walk Into a Workout for Better PCOS Health

Let’s assume you’re already fitness walking several times a week. Now, why not begin introducing a few simple techniques to maximize the benefits of your walk and give yourself an overall body workout and improve your PCOS Health?
Here are some tips:
Swing those arms and bend them 90 degrees at your elbow as you walk. This will quicken your pace, raise your heart rate, use more muscles and burn 5-10% more calories. To start with, walk at a quick pace with your arms by your side before letting them swing naturally. Then gradually bend them while keeping the natural rhythm of the swing and you will notice right away how your bent arm swing helps with your gait, balance and propulsion.
The more you break into a sweat, the more effective the exercise. Divide your walk into fast and slow segments, to get your heart rate up and then lower it. Repeat each segment as it suits you.
Walking uphill increases body toning, cardiovascular fitness and calorie burn. Each 500 feet of elevation gain will feel like walking an additional mile.
If you’re used to exercising on sidewalks, vary your routine by finding some trails to explore. It’ll seem like more of a challenge to walk on different levels and surfaces. Plus a change of scene is a great way to stave off the boredom brought on by looking at the same view each day.
Enter a walking event and spend a couple of months training for it. Just think what a morale booster it will be if you can complete the course, especially if you’re relatively new to walking for exercise.

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