Hormone Trifecta Day 4: Highlights, Q & A + Hot Seat

This is the final day! Does it feel so good, all the training this week? You know, it’s been an amazing week, full of fantastic information, a lot of hope, it has just felt so good, I think, to know that we have all the power to heal ourselves. So today is the final day of the Hormone Trifecta training where we really dug in to learn how to heal anxiety, weight gain and fatigue. Of course, I want to hear where you’re joining in from. Some of you have been here every single day and I want to applaud you for showing up for yourself. That’s so fantastic! I love seeing you here, I love reading your posts, and I love where you need support. I love all of it. Just remember that wherever you’re starting out is just your starting place and you have nowhere to go but up.

With that being said, I want to make sure that you take all the assessments. What’s your score? I took the time to make some really amazing assessments so you could really get a good feeling for how big an issue is it for you with anxiety, weight gain and fatigue, and where are you on the spectrum. I think it’s really satisfying to be able to take an assessment and understand right where you are now and then when you start to make some changes in a few months, you can take it again because what we measure, improves. So that’s a great little pearl to remember. What we measure improves.

It’s so great being here. We’re going to do some highlights and then I’m going to do some question and answers. If you have any questions, post them right here and I’ll be sure to get your questions answered and then I have a very special guest coming on. We chose Karen Fontana, beautiful woman, for the hot seat for the breakthrough hormone section today. I’m gonna help her sort of figure out next steps on her journey to feeling so much better.

You’re going to take all the assessments from each day, whether you really suffer from that or not or you feel you do cause I just want you to sort of get an idea of where you are and what might be holding you back. Number two, you want to listen to all the trainings, go back, take notes so that you have some next steps for yourself, because number three, you’re going to plan out your next steps. Okay? You need to have a plan moving forward so that you don’t stay stuck for as many years as I did. Now, on my behalf, I didn’t know that I could feel so much better, but you’re here in this amazing group, Natural Solutions for Hormone Balance. So you know it’s possible. You have a big head start on me, that’s for sure. You know it’s possible. So just because you know it’s possible because you’ve been showing up, you need to make a plan. Okay?

There were definitely some common themes, I just want to say, so between anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, we know that caffeine, alcohol, poor sleep, sugar, right? We know that a lot of those things are for every single day. It’s really important to start seeing the common themes for some of these things that you may be experiencing. What is the common thread that causes my problems? That’s why I have a really hard time with a diagnosis because it sort of sets us apart and to be quite honest, we are all in this together. Maybe we like to think of ourselves as special because we have special symptoms or special problems, but in reality, when you start doing the right things to take care of your body, things that were special to you will start to resolve themselves.

So just know that all of the things that we’re talking about here this week can help you to have profound change with everything. So you heard Nicole yesterday, in her mind, her big things where her menstrual cycle and the facial hair and the common symptoms of PCOS, hormone imbalance. But she had osteoarthritis that was debilitating and many of us with symptoms of hormone imbalance have a lot of pain and that’s part of the hormonal imbalance. What was so cool is that when she started on this journey to release weight, she had a weight gain problem, she had a really heavy menstrual cycle, she had lot of things going on, her osteoarthritis improved. She was able to stop walking with a cane just recently and one of her knees has completely cleared up and the other one, her supportive stocking is getting so much looser and feels so much better and she’s able to walk so much faster now. I think that she cut her walking time in half this past week. So everything starts to improve. I just want you to know that just by making these small shifts, you’re going to see improvements in a lot of things.

I don’t know if you remember on Monday I told my story, my health story. I had classic symptoms of hormone imbalance, PCOS, if you want to call it that. I also had receding gums and my gums were receding so badly that my dentist was very concerned and I had to use a special toothpaste and numbing toothpaste so that I could eat and not have pain. I was 19 years old, 19, and nobody told me that I could heal that. Nobody! I bet that my dentist didn’t even know I could heal that. But I did. I healed my gums. I healed the arthritic symptoms in my hands. I healed my digestion. I completely healed my acne for the first time in my life. I don’t know, 15-20 years ago, I could wear a scoop neck shirt for the first time in my life.

I healed my digestive problems. I healed my weight gain problems. I can figure out how to lose weight. But then I just gained it back every time and more. I figured out how to keep at an ideal body composition. I go up and down a little bit based on the time of the month, but I don’t worry about it anymore because I know that my body’s gonna settle back in. It’s just going through that hormonal cycle. So when you start making these small shifts, miracles happen. I have seen miracles happen every day in my practice. The things I’m talking about are not small things. They are little things in your life that have these big profound results.

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