Hormone Trifecta Day 1: Heal Anxiety

We only have a little bit of time together today, so I’m going to share what I think are the most important aspects of addressing anxiety and then I’ll show you how you can learn more. How does that sound? Good? And the more you participate, the better. It was really cute, one of the gals who read my post about taking the quiz said, “I was anxious about taking the quiz and finding out my test results.”

And that’s kind of how it happens with anxiety, you know, just can come up and all sorts of weird ways we get anxious about the littlest things and you know, just know that whatever your score is, it is. There’s no judgments here, you know, it’s just a starting place. And the good news is if your score on the anxiety quiz was super high, you have nowhere to go but down, right? Nowhere to go but down, I don’t say that very often. I usually say you have nowhere to go but up. But as far as healing your symptoms, right, you have nowhere to go but down. Okay. We’re going to look at the quiz in just a moment. I love that this group is filled with women from all over the world. It’s pretty amazing. And I love that we can all support each other no matter what our financial situation, no matter what our life situation, no matter what our circumstances are, we can support women right here from all over the world.

It’s amazing. I just feel so honored around that. And this year, just a couple of weeks ago, Insulite Health, we actually partnered with a company called the Girl Power Project. It’s something like A Child Just Like Mine. It’s the girl power project and we are partnering with them this year and maybe this year and beyond to empower young girls and women to take charge of their bodies. It feels so in alignment with what we’re doing here and I’m just so excited to be part of that and support it. It actually is in Uganda and I got behind it because I actually know the people who run it, who started the foundation. They actually had trouble conceiving their second child and so instead of having a second child, they thought they would reach out and help other children who are already here, who needed extra support.

And so it’s really all about teaching these girls and young women that their bodies are their own and to learn how to take care of themselves and protect themselves from other villagers for instance. Part of it is empowering them to actually do business and earn a living for themselves so that they can be independent. So it’s a really cool project. It’s been going for over 10 years and they’re actually doing a study now at a university to give it even more credibility so that it can be cloned and taken worldwide to other communities who really need it.

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Next Steps

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