Tortilla Chips and Margaritas

Tortilla chips and Margaritas

I’m on vacation!

I’m exploring the Baja California peninsula with my husband Eric and our two dogs, Sunshine and Floyd, in our Land Cruiser; it’s our annual Baja expedition.

When we’ve reached our destination in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico we’ll have driven about 1200 miles.

My Dad lives there in a beautiful home that overlooks the Sea of Cortez.

Traveling tests my best practices with the PCOS 5 Elements:

  • #1 Nutrients
  • #2 Food
  • #3 Movement
  • #4 Cravings awareness
  • #5 Support community

Last year I completely failed.

By the time we arrived at our destination I was a grumpy you-know-what! I was feeling fat and tired and my brain was unhappy.

Because what’s Mexico without a cup of coffee with breakfast, chips and salsa with lunch and dinner, corn tortillas filled with yummy things, and margaritas?

Even though I was somewhat careful about what I ate, I kept saying to myself, “Go ahead, you’re on vacation!”

Have you ever done that and then regretted it?

Before I knew it I was suffering from FLC (feel like crap) syndrome.

We were driving a lot of miles so I was sitting all the time, and because my usual diet was off, so was my sleep, and all of this created cravings that were a bit out of control.

I ate an entire dark chocolate bar every day – until they ran out. And thank goodness they did!

So this year, I’ve taken an entirely different approach. I am using the 5 Elements to my advantage.

We have slowed down our travel schedule so we’re not driving as much every day, and we’re seeing more sights.

Today we walked several miles on a gorgeous beach.

We brought a lot of healthy food so most meals we have with us. We have eaten some dinners out, but the food has been amazing.

Last night we had fresh lobster with a green salad and some white rice. I ate 3 bites of the white rice and left the rest. The dinner was so delicious. And I’m avoiding the tortilla dishes and tortilla chips this time around.

I’ve had some tequila, but just one shot of tequila that I sip on – no margaritas this time. Tonight I won’t have any because sleep is key.

Nutrients? I have everything I need for our trip, but I forgot my big tub of supplements for once we arrive. I was so bummed when I discovered this, but I quickly moved to Plan B.

My solution? Shipping a few down to hold me over, and then being back in California for a conference in two weeks; I’ll pick up the rest then.

To recap: I’m taking my nutrients, walking every day, eating my own beautiful food as much as possible, getting good rest so the cravings stay away, and am immersing myself in the beautiful communities we visit so I feel connected.

I feel so good … so much better than last year.

Where do you struggle when you travel?

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