Are My PCOS Symptoms Due To Thyroid Problems?

Are My PCOS Symptoms Due To Thyroid Problems?

Dear Robin: “How do I know if my PCOS symptoms are probably due to or related to thyroid problems?” JB

Dear JB: PCOS and hypothyroid symptoms look very much alike. The three big health sabotagers are high cortisol (stress), high insulin (insulin resistance & inflammation) and low thyroid function (sluggish metabolism).

PCOS is not a cause of anything. It is a diverse group of symptoms that fit an excess androgen profile. So you have to figure out what might be causing your symptoms of PCOS, and low thyroid function is one of them.

One in three women are thought to have a sluggish thyroid and 80-90% of those have an autoimmune thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. So definitely do the proper blood work to figure it out.

The blood work markers to run are TSH, Free T4, Free T3, TPO and TAA (the two antibody tests). You can see my comprehensive panel here. Work with a functional health care practitioner to help you figure this out because you want to be comparing your numbers to “optimal” reference ranges not “laboratory” reference ranges. Take my Thyroid  Questionnaire to see how many of these come up for you – click here to begin.  

Toxins, a poor diet, lack of sleep and more can be the hormone deal-breakers that are keeping your thyroid in low gear. What might yours be? Let me know what you figure out JB. ~ Robin


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