The Perfect Food for PCOS

Eggs are a great option for women with PCOS. Not only do they offer protein, but they also provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals that can actually help improve PCOS.

Eggs are a complete protein source, which means they offer all of the necessary amino acids to support “building” and “detoxing” in our beautiful bodies.

They are the highest food source of choline, which helps with fat metabolism, healthy brain function, healthy metabolism and so much more. A super-nutrient for hormone balancing.

They also are an amazing source of Omega-3 fats which aide in weight management and reduce free testosterone levels. The folate found in eggs along with a range of B vitamins help cells regulate hormone balance and insulin resistance. Eggs are a wonderful source of the B vitamin, Biotin, which supports hair growth and helps manage blood sugar levels.

Not all eggs you see in the store are the same, and to be honest, it can be quite confusing when it comes to making a choice. Most stores carry a variety of eggs: free-range, cage-free, pasture-raised and organic. Here is how you can determine which egg is the best for you.

  • Cage-Free – Cage free eggs are laid by hens that are allowed about 1 sq. ft. of uncaged space within a barn.
  • Free-Range – These hens have access to an enclosed outdoor space from within their “cage-free” environment.
  • Organic – These eggs come from “free-range” hens who are given only certified organic grain as feed.
  • Pasture-Raised – These hens have access to over 100 sq. ft. per hen of outdoor space which can allow them to feed on the natural vegetation.

Often times you can find organic pasture raised eggs at your local farmers market, these are my favorite choice!

Eggs are such an amazing food source for women with PCOS. They are not only perfect for breakfast but can be eaten hard boiled for a snack or served sunny side up on some of your favorite dinner-time dishes. How will you enjoy your eggs this week?

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