The Best Sleep Aid of All for Better PCOS Health

More and more horror stories are coming to light about the bizarre effects that some heavily-advertised sleep aids can have on people.
One woman, for example, took a leading brand just before going to bed and then woke up to find herself fully-dressed at work in the middle of the night, having driven several miles with absolutely no memory of her actions.
Sticking to a balanced, nutritious Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) diet is much less risky, as well as being the best way to provide all-day energy for work and play to set you up for a good night’s sleep. Begin with a healthy breakfast that keeps blood sugar levels on an even keel so your energy levels don’t crash mid-morning.
Limit your intake of refined carbs like sugary cereals and try to eat meals and snacks that contain protein to help temper the quick uptake of carbohydrates in your bloodstream. Avoid Danish pastries in favor of a small yogurt with an apple for a mid-morning snack and a handful of nuts with some dried fruit in the middle of the afternoon.
Skip foods like left-over pizza and ice-cream at the best of times if you don’t want to gain weight, but especially anywhere near the time you go to bed. They can keep you awake and rob you of energy in the morning by making you feel sluggish, like a food hangover.
It’s important to avoid becoming dehydrated. If you don’t drink enough fluid, it can make you lethargic during the day and interrupt natural sleep patterns at night. The Institute of Medicine recommends 9 cups of fluid each day for women and 13 for men.
Control you caffeine habit. Coffee is fine in moderation but try tea in the afternoon and evening to lower your caffeine intake while still getting a lift.
As well as affecting your general health, sleep deprivation is also being increasingly linked to PCOS weight gain because tired women tend to eat more and exercise less than rested people. So get a good night’s sleep and you could find those extra pounds beginning to disappear.

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