The Best Food for Fall

Food, glorious food! I love the change in the seasons because with it brings an abundance of different harvests for us to indulge and enjoy. The weather changes, the days get shorter, and with it our bodies’ needs.

Digestion gets a little more challenging in the colder months because it takes a lot of energy and a strong digestive “fire” to break down food in your digestive tract. This is a great time of year to eat more cooked foods and less raw foods. It will give your body a break from having to work so hard, saving your energy for other things…like cooking!

Fall foods are foods that bring us warmth to help get us through the colder months. Think root vegetables and the hardy cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli. All of the different squashes are abundant now and are so nourishing and really fun to use, especially around the holidays. Use spaghetti squash as your “pasta”.

Make butternut squash soup with a little coconut milk, nutmeg, sea salt and chicken broth in a matter of minutes. Tons of great nutrients for beautiful skin, eyesight and aging well. Use Acorn squash, stuffed with quinoa and cranberries as part of a lovely Thanksgiving meal.

Kale, chard and cabbage are sweeter when the weather is cooler, so they are really delicious starting about now. Wash them in non-chlorinated water with some raw apple cider vinegar to clean, and then strip the leaves off the stalk to store in pieces in a ziploc bag for quick cooking when you need them.

If you live in a very cold climate you may only have access to root vegetables that are more protected from the cold and the frozen vegetables that you can get organic at your local market.

This is a great time to make tomato sauces, if you haven’t already, to pull out as a real treat in late fall and winter. I made mine a couple of months ago when the tomatoes were at their peak of ripeness. We’re still getting a few tomatoes from our garden to add to salads.

Special Fall Fruits

Figs – they have a short growing season and have good fiber, potassium and vitamin B-6 (great for better sleep!) Try wrapping them in a little prosciutto and arugula.

Apples – they are harvested late summer, early fall and must be organic to avoid heavy toxin exposure. There are so many amazing kinds…try a few heirloom varieties to see which ones you like best. They are terrific for adding to steel cut oats with some pasture butter on a cold morning, or making an apple crisp, or eating with a tablespoon of almond butter for an afternoon snack.

Get inspired by looking at recipes online or in cookbooks. Make your fall savory, yummy and delicious!

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