Strive to walk 100 steps per minute, new research advises

Did they say “3,000 steps per a 30 minute walking session?

What? It sounds robotic, exhausting! How will I be able to chat with my friend, Lisa, if I’m going that fast?

However, put into context, it works out to 100 steps per minute which sounds doable, I think. In an article today, Reuters reports on new research cited in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that says people who walk for exercise should work toward a pace of 100 steps per minute to achieve the necessary intensity for physical fitness.

I was thrilled to read that exercise works in “bouts” so this regimen is also effective if you split it up into shorter sessions during the same day. Naturally, buying a pedometer is recommended.

Think I’ll try this advice later this week – WATCH OUT!

Best to you, Catherine L, Editor, PCOS Support Blog

Please read the Reuters article in full:

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