Sitting Can Shorten Your Life Part 3

As we’ve been reporting this week, regular exercise to improve the management of your PCOS symptoms isn’t enough for prolonged health – you need to avoid sitting down for long periods during the rest of the day to increase your chances of a long life.

Sitting can very quickly have a negative affect on your metabolism. After only half an hour behind your desk at work or your computer or TV at home, your body starts to slow down. As a result, you don’t metabolize fat properly and your cholesterol can go through the roof, increasing the risk of heart disease.

Women with PCOS are already at increased risk of cardiovascular problems and the last thing they need is for the enzyme lipase to malfunction. Lipase breaks down fat so it can be stored in the muscles as fuel reserves. But when we sit for too long, blood circulation slows down and lipase cannot break down the fat.

Subsequently, the fat keeps swimming in the blood stream until it is stored in the liver, creating weight gain  … or makes its way to the heart to clog arteries in a process that recent studies have found can be as bad for health as smoking.

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