Are Headaches a Side Effect of PCOS?

Are Headaches a Side Effect of PCOS?

Dear Robin: “My daughter has constant headaches. She has had them about as long as she has known about her PCOS. She is 22 and the headaches started about 16 years of age. Is this a side effect? Any suggestions?” ~ Beth

Dear Beth: Yes, headaches are a side effect of PCOS. They are due to hormone fluctuations. I am curious to know if your daughter has headaches right before her period begins and/or during menstruation?

The most common causes of headaches are: sleep, stress, a drop in estrogen, fatigue and dehydration, but also foods containing tyramine that can trigger migraine headaches, cause insomnia and other problems for certain people.

Consider these steps to help alleviate headaches:

  1. Drink enough water.
  2. Avoid wheat – removing wheat from the diet eliminated migraines in 89% of patients 
  3. Use magnesium – at least 50% of migraine sufferers are deficient, and most all women are deficient if they’re not supplementing. Magnesium is in the 5-Element System nutrients but you can also add it in all by itself. Magnesium is a fantastic choice for women with PCOS for many reasons: it improves insulin sensitivity (as xwell as Metformin), prevents the release of substance-P – a pain-promoting neurotransmitter involved in migraines, calms the nervous system, and stabilizes serotonin receptors. Start with 300-500mg and use a glycinated or chelated form to avoid diarrhea.

There is more you can do but start here. Let me know how it goes Beth, and we can always add in more if need be. ~ Robin


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