Sick of the Weight Yo-Yo?

Misty Robinson August 2017 – Sick of the Weight Yo-Yo?

Misty Robinson is 40 years young. She is from Texas, but recently moved to Colorado last year with her husband, Dustin, and their three Australian Shepherds: Wise Solomon, Warrior Sampson and Xena the Warrior Princess. They are eagerly awaiting the day when they can add children to their family. She was diagnosed with PCOS in her mid 20s, but she had symptoms long before that. She suffered from horrendous,  humiliating and embarrassing acne as a teenager. She had absent periods. She has continued to struggle with infertility, weight gain, inflammation and irregular periods ever since. She started clean eating in May 2017 and this PCOS group in June 2017. She has seen some great results. She is committed to this journey, and knows soon, she will be getting regular periods, and a positive pregnancy test followed by a health pregnancy and delivery!

Hear how she turned her health and her life around.


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