I Am Tired Of Shaving My Facial Hair. What Can I Do?

I Am Tired Of Shaving My Facial Hair. What Can I Do?

Dear Robin: “I have to shave every other day to remove my facial hair. Because I am a woman of dark skin, if I go beyond shaving every other day… the hair will really show. I am genuinely tired of shaving my skin and I’m tired of the razor bumps that sometimes occur. I am wondering if laser hair removal is a good option. If not, what can I do to alleviate the stresses of shaving so often?” ~ Avianna

Dear Avianna: I can understand your frustration. It’s not your fault that this is happening but it is your responsibility to figure it out, so I applaud you for reaching out.

Yes, in the short term laser can be very helpful for removing unwanted terminal (dark and thick) hair. Here is more information on hirsutism that explains what might be happening – click here to watch the video and read about the hormone deal-breakers.

Spearmint has been shown to be helpful with reducing terminal hair growth – click here to learn more, (give this 3 months +), and doing the DUTCH test to see what’s going on with your hormones – adrenals included – can shed some light.

Dark facial hair growth is an indication that your body prefers metabolizing your androgens down the 5-alpha DHT pathway which makes the most potent androgen metabolites. It can be a genetic predisposition but it’s your environmental factors (called epigenetics) that can encourage this pathway, raising your insulin levels.

The nutrients in the Natural Hormone Solution Supplements like saw palmetto and zinc help to block this pathway along with nutrients that help with better insulin management like chromium, magnesium, vanadium and cinnamon.

You deserve to have beautiful skin free from dark facial hair. Keep me posted on what you figure out Avianna.  ~ Robin

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