How to make a “Shake” that helps relieve PCOS symptoms

Let’s talk about Food as Medicine because the kitchen is one of my happiest places! That’s because I get to make amazing meals that taste good and make feel so good. I’ve gotten so I don’t like to eat out very much because the food just isn’t as yummy. And I drive the server crazy with all my special requests anyway. We’ll talk more about “easy tips for dining out” later. Growing up I never learned how to cook. My mother told me that I would have to cook soon enough so she did all the cooking. But I did learn how to bake. Because I loved baked goods. And cookies were my favorite. For my wedding shower, I had to make a chocolate cake without a recipe. No problem – I whipped it up in about 15 minutes. I could bake food that made me feel terrible but I didn’t know how to make food that could make me feel good. Until much later in life. Because I had no idea that what I ate caused my many symptoms of PCOS like acne, inflammation and weight gain and even my horrible moods. Now I can cook up many delicious meals – because what I eat matters for PCOS. And that got my attention.

So, let’s start with one of my favorite go-to meals, The Shake. A shake is fantastic for a quick and easy, delicious-tasting meal that’s easy to digest – let me translate – you could eat it on-the-go. And no other meal you can! For a quick refresher, the special formula for creating every meal is to always combine a healthy protein, fat and carbohydrate and you’ve got a hormone-balanced meal! We’re going to make a smoothie right now (I’m wearing my Sexy Younger You! apron to remind me of how sexy I am). Here are my protein choices, here are my healthy fats and here are my healthy carbohydrates. We have a whole list of shake recipes that we’ll share with you so you don’t have to guess. Just send a quick email to to request it. (Make the shake)

I’ll add the water, coconut milk, about 4 ounces each, 2 tbls flax seed, 1 cup berries (raspberries are my favorite), a handful of parsley and spinach for some much-needed greens to reduce inflammation – don’t worry – you hardly taste them. I blend this up first and then I’ll add my protein at the end to blend gently. These two are my favorites and we have them available on our store ( If it’s really warm outside I’ll add an ice cube or two, otherwise I try to keep it more room temperature as it’s easier to digest that way. Mmmm, delicious! I’ll make this up for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner or whenever I want a lighter meal or I’m in a hurry.

For this week, make a shake like this one. Keep it simple but always use a healthy protein, fat and carbohydrate and you’ve got the special formula! I’ll see you next week.

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