Sea Vegetables for Fertility


What exactly are sea vegetables?

They are a group of chlorophyll containing plants with roots, stems and leaves that live in the sea. You may have eaten some if you’ve ever eaten at a sushi restaurant or made some sushi yourself!

They come in a variety of species, colors and nutritional components.

Sea vegetables can be beneficial for healthy fertility for many reasons. They are loaded with necessary minerals such as magnesium, zinc and calcium. Minerals found in sea vegetables are easily digested and absorbed. Sea Vegetables are also high in protein, for a plant source, with some species containing up to 48% protein. They offer an abundant amount of antioxidants, are an amazing source of fiber and are loaded with iodine which can help support the thyroid.

Sea vegetables can be an awesome addition to your diet when managing symptoms of PCOS. The fiber found in sea vegetables help keep blood sugar levels stable, help remove toxins and help remove excess estrogen from the body. The iodine found in sea vegetables can help support the thyroid glands and nourish the body by strengthening the adrenals – both are important when dealing with PCOS and infertility. Vanadium, another mineral readily available in sea vegetables, has been found to improve sensitivity to insulin levels in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

A few common sea vegetables are:

  1. Kombu – also dried before use is typically used in stocks, soups or stews. It is an edible sea vegetable that can be chopped once cooked and eaten.
  2. Nori – most commonly found when dining out! Typically used in sushi rolls and soups. Nori is toasted before use.
  3. Agar – is a gelatin like substance extracted from red algae. It can be used as a thickening agent and is sold in a powder form.
  4. Dulse – is a soft, chewy sea vegetable that is red in color. It doesn’t require any preparation which makes it a great snack choice.
  5. Wakamae – most commonly found in miso soups and seaweed salads.

Sea vegetables can be a very valuable source of minerals, fiber and protein for women with PCOS. It can help support blood sugar regulation and detoxification. Sea vegetables are an extremely beneficial source for alkaline/acidity balance which can help maintain a happy healthy body. How will you incorporate sea vegetables into your diet today?

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