Remember That PCOS Can Lead to Diabetes

Women with PCOS often suffer from the hormone imbalance called insulin resistance and they should never forget that the combination of conditions puts them at increased risk of the onset of diabetes
Doctors therefore advise getting checked for pre-diabetes by age 30 at the latest … and regularly thereafter.
If neglected, reversible pre-diabetes is often the precursor to type 2 diabetes, which is irreversible in most cases and may require insulin injections.
Fortunately, early preventative action, like weight loss via a balanced, nutriutious diet and regular exercise, not only improves the management of PCOS symptoms but can also prevent pre-diabetes developing into the full-blown type 2 variety, which is irreversible in most cases and often has to be managed with insulin injections.
Type 2 diabetes is a severly increased risk factor for blindness, kidney disease and the need for amputation.

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