How Relationships Affect PCOS

Today, I’ll show you how your relationships may be affecting your PCOS, including your relationship with yourself.

Watch the video below to learn how relationships can affect PCOS


I hear things like:

“My primary care physician practically blames me for being anxious and overweight yet I’m fighting an uphill battle alone. My family doesn’t understand and neither do my friends, nor do they care to understand so when I say alone I mean alone…”

“My husband will divorce me if I don’t get pregnant this time.”

“Nobody understands what I’m going through, they think it’s all in my head and I’m making it up.”

Or maybe it’s your own self-critic saying that you’re not good enough, you’re a loser, or you’re not worth it. Relationships have a big impact on how well we take care of ourselves. They influence how we prioritize what’s important and how we feel about ourselves. Fix your relationships to heal your PCOS.

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