Questioning our World

by Angi Ingalls, PCOS InconnecTion

“How is a birth control pill that encourages loss of menstrual cycles an altogether good idea?”

As I drive through the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, I am often disgusted by all the waste I see. I wonder if my neighbors got the memo on recycling, not littering and living green. Do they live in the same world I do? Do they watch TV? Read the paper? Listen to the radio? It makes me wonder.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen someone open something and toss the package on the ground as if it was a piece of lint. All of this within a couple of feet from a clearly-visible waste can or one they will eventually walk by several feet away. I can remember just this past summer a woman standing two feet from a trash can. With her emptied soda can she takes one step closer to the trash can but drops the can into the sewer grate next to it. It didn’t fit between the grids, although that was her plan. Angry, I walked over, bent down, picked up the can, reached my hand out without taking another step and slam the can in the waste basket – all the while looking into her eyes. She said nothing but you could see the guilt in her eyes, I said nothing but you could see the disgust in mine and I walked away.

Our environment is hurting and we suffer as a result. We allow too much trash, we use too many chemicals, and we ignore the steps we can take to help improve the world around us. When we recycle, we reduce pollutions into our soils, reduce production of new materials (thus reducing more pollutants released into the environment) and reduce waste which eats up our land mass. “Going green” will increase healthier lifestyles, reduce toxic waste, reuse already produced or redesigned products and encourage demand for recycled and green products.

What scares me the most is how our world has changed since our grandparents – just how many chemicals are around us. Where our grandparents as unhealthy as we are today? Chemicals not only come from our waste but also the things we use every day. We have more cleaning supplies then ever before, more sprays, more wipes, more “antibacterial” and “antimicrobial”. Since when did we think that spraying a ‘refresher’ on our clothes, furniture and anything else was such a good idea without washing it off? Did anyone think about the impact those chemicals will eventually make on our skin, our lungs or on the foods we eat?

Even our medical community is increasing concerns. How is a birth control pill that encourages loss of menstrual cycles an altogether good idea? Is a one-size-fits-all vaginal spray/power product really healthy for all women when each of us has a different pH balance? How much soy is too much and how do we monitor our consumption if it is in almost everything we eat or use (foods, vitamins, topical creams, etc.)?

Is it really a wonder that our health problems are increasing? What is the link between chemicals and the function of our bodies? (1)

Many believe our endocrine system (2) can be altered by our diets and our environment (3).

What do you think?

Angi Ingalls; PCOS in ConnecTion
Guest PCOS writer
[email protected]

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