PCOS Weight Loss Secret

By Dr. Nancy Dunne and Bill Slater
PCOS Health Review
Oct. 2008

In Chapter 3.4 of our book, we explain that the
water content of your food plays an important role
in weight loss and in having a feeling of satiety
after a meal.
We said that the water in the food itself is more
effective at controlling appetite and losing weight
than low-moisture food accompanied by a glass of
This concept has now been verified by a study of
1,136 women conducted by the University of
Tokyo. The women consuming the most water in
their foods were the leanest. The women
consuming foods with the least water were the
most overweight.
The researchers also reported that drinking water
from beverages with meals had no impact on body
mass index or waist circumference. Only the
water within the foods was effective.

This is why we emphasize wholesome, high-
moisture foods in our recommended PCOS diet,
such as soups, salads, fresh vegetables and fresh
Not only will you be able to better control weight,
you will also be a lot healthier!
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