PCOS Treatment- An Eastern Approach

PCOS Treatment - An Eastern Approach

Here’s a look at one Eastern Approach to treating PCOS. In traditional Chinese medicine PCOS is considered a heterogeneous disorder, and have broken it down into two subcategories.

Vacuity Repletion and Diet Therapy are the two subcategories that the Chinese use. Both have manifestations in the way the body ovulates, most women who have PCOS ovulate late in the cycle or not at all.

The Chinese recommend using the Femoral massage as a way to treat PCOS. By doing this massage you are blocking the blood flow to the lower extremities for 30-45 seconds. This forces more blood flow to the pelvic organ, providing more nourishment to the uterus and ovaries. Keep in mind you do not want to do the Femoral Massage if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart disease or circulatory problems including aneurysms, varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombosis or a history of strokes or detached retinas. It is also recommended if you are using supplements to add Gleditsia during the first half of your menstrual cycle, before ovulation. Gladitsia dissolves the waxy capsule around the ovaries and promotes ovulation. By using the Femoral massage women who are not ovulating should begin to notice signs of ovulation after a couple months of treatment. Those that ovulate later in their cycle will notice that they are ovulating earlier in their cycle and will get to the point of ovulating on the 14th day of the cycle.

Dietary therapy is another form of treatment the Chinese recommended. It is stated that women with PCOS have too much estrogen and LH circulating in their system, it is very important to get this to normal levels as well as have a healthy functioning liver. To do this the Chinese believe women with PCOS need to cut out refined sugars, all forms of refined carbs, stay away from diets that advocate massive yam consumption (massive amounts of yam consumption can actually delay or prevent ovulation if you have PCOS) stay away from sodas, fruit juice and any drink which rapidly raises blood sugar levels. Take in adequate amounts of protein, fresh veggies, fruits, stay away from dairy products and completely eliminate alcohol and caffeine, and most of all exercise.

A Swedish/Italian controlled study from the Biology of Reproduction Journal states that “women with PCOS who have repeated electro acupuncture treatments restore regular ovulations for those who were not ovulating.” It also stated that “acupuncture influenced neruo-endocrine and endocrine parameters indicative of PCOS such as LH/FSH ratios, mean testosterone concentrations, and beta-endorphin concentrations were reduced significantly.” They go on to explain that “acupuncture treatments were effective at resolving the pathologic process in PCOS because it reduces the level of hyper sympathetic nervous system response, relaxing the whole neruo-endocrine system.

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