PCOS, Acne & Skin Conditions


Is hormone imbalance preventing you from having beautiful skin? I struggled for years, actually decades with acne, and sore broken-out skin. Skin problems are distressing because they’re easily visible to others and difficult to conceal. What’s more the appearance of our skin is closely linked to our sense of beauty and femininity. Battling a skin condition can really affect our self-esteem.

I had acne on my face, my back and on my chest. It was awful. I never felt comfortable wearing a bathing suit or a top that dipped lower in the front. I endured this heartbreak myself, and the only solution was antibiotics that I refused to take. I tried all the creams, drying lotions and topical acne treatments I could find, and none of them worked.

Like many women with PCOS, I experienced oily skin, acne, and frequent breakouts causing me constant embarrassment. PCOS can cause other skin problems besides acne, too. Some women develop skin tags, which are thickened lumps of skin typically occurring in the armpits, on the neck, or along the bra line.

Another skin condition associated with PCOS is acanthosis nigricans. This is characterized by rough, dark, velvety patches of skin. These patches are especially noticeable when they occur on the face.

What do these different skin conditions have in common? They share the same underlying cause: insulin resistance. When cells become resistant to the effects of insulin or getting blood sugar into our cells, the body is stimulated to produce even more insulin. The increase in circulating insulin levels wreaks havoc on your skin. Insulin resistance doesn’t just harm your skin; your whole body, your health and well-being all suffer from the effects of insulin resistance.

Whatever skin-related symptoms you’re experiencing, I want to assure you that there is hope. As you can see I was able to clear my skin completely, but it was a long hard road. Here at Insulite Health, we’ve done all the research for you, and we’ve seen many women in our community heal from devastating skin conditions.

Reversing insulin resistance and getting your skin back to beautiful takes a 5 step, integrated approach. The first step is giving your body the right nutrients to help our cells get more insulin sensitive. The second step is learning how to use food as medicine to lower blood sugar and restore insulin sensitivity. The third step is learning how to use movement as medicine to relieve stress instead of cause the body stress through the right types of hormone balancing exercise. The 4th step is understanding cravings and how to manage them better so you don’t go for the foods that can blood sugar swings that cause horrible skin conditions. And the fifth step is having a support community to help you stay on track.

We call this the PCOS 5-Element System. It’s proven to help you get your hormones balanced in a step-by-step approach to lower inflammation to heal your skin. We call this the 5% Solution. Taking small steps over time to reach your health goals.

We’ve done all the research for you. Thousands of women over the years have successfully used, and are still using, the PCOS 5-Element System. You can learn more about this System here on our website at www.pcos.com. Come join our beautiful community. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Next Steps

Becoming victorious over the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is not easy, but you can overcome your PCOS symptoms to live the life you deserve.

It takes strength, courage, and perseverance. It can be challenging and that’s why Insulite Health created this website. It's has information and resources that will help you balance your hormones and reverse PCOS symptoms.

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