Will Healing PCOS Make Me Lose Muscle Mass?

Will Healing PCOS Make Me Lose Muscle Mass?

Dear Robin: “Is curing my PCOS going to lower my testosterone levels and hence make me lose my muscle mass?”
~ Mia

Dear Mia: PCOS is a cluster of symptoms so it can’t really be ‘cured’, but your symptoms can improve and eventually completely go away with the right care for your body. Your basic hormone structure in your body will not go away, so you should be able to maintain your muscle mass – it’s really your natural state of being.

When you improve the way you take care of yourself, your inflammation will decrease and your insulin sensitivity will improve. This means that you should see a vast improvement in your symptoms because you are metabolizing your testosterone in a healthier way and balancing estrogen, and progesterone, better.
~ Robin


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