Beets an Anti-inflammatory and an Aphrodisiac

[PCOS Food Friday] Beets an Anti-inflammatory and an Aphrodisiac

Beets are one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet.

We are quickly learning that beets can benefit you in so many ways from reducing inflammation to helping detoxify your body.

For women with PCOS this is so important, because there is low level inflammation and toxin overload that causes many of the symptom associated with PCOS.

Beets are packed with vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.

They fall in the Chenopod family along with chard, spinach and quinoa – all of which are highly nutritious. Beets offer so many health benefits for women with PCOS and hormone imbalance…

  • The phytonutrients found in beets aid in detoxification as well as cancer prevention.
  • Betaine found in beets activates choline in the body to combat inflammation.
  • Glutathione found in beets help cleanse the blood of toxins, heavy metals and waste.
  • Beet greens are rich in nutrients and completely edible. They can be interchanged with chard in most recipes.
  • Fiber found in beets can help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides by increasing good HDL cholesterol.
  • Beets offer a high level of folate which is often deficient in PCOS.
  • For many years beets have been considered an aphrodisiac!

I love the last one 🙂

This week, make something with beets.


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