Break Free From PCOS – Day 1: Busting Myths About PCOS

This is Robin Nielsen, and this has been a long time coming – our awesome training on how to Break Free From PCOS. How exciting is this? It’s just wonderful to be able to connect in this way, right? Taking training from the classroom online is fantastic and while technology can sometimes be a challenge, today it worked fabulously, so let’s just arrive here for a minute. We all have such busy lives. It takes, sometimes, an act of God or an act of the universe to allow us to show up, and so let’s just arrive here. It feels really good to be here with you, I am so honored. So, we are going to break free from PCOS. I’m going to teach you all about what polycystic ovary syndrome is and how you can begin to heal your symptoms. I know that you’re looking for natural solutions and because of that, you are in the perfect place. This training is all about getting more hormonally balanced.

What is it that you want for yourself? We’re going to focus on what we want instead of what’s not working. What we focus on grows, so we want to grow beautiful things in our garden of life. Let’s start focusing on what they are. This whole group is about helping you to get well and stay well because that makes life fantastic, so get well and stay well.

I feel a little self-conscious with my braces, but I actually got braces as a bio-hack to align my body a little bit better. My bite was such that it throws my neck and shoulders out of alignment, so I’ve had neck and shoulder problems for most of my life. I am a competitive tennis player and I love sports, so it’s really easy for me to get out of alignment. I’m a little self-conscious and one of my colleagues said, “Robin, you look like a teenager.” So I said, “Okay, we’re just rolling with it” because I am going to be so excited when these come off. I’m just sending you some love, and you know this community is all about love. So please, when you share on here, be in love, be in love with yourself, be in love with others, show up to support, show up to receive the support. Get yourself into a place of love before you start posting because it makes all the difference. We need constant love and when we show up in love, we show up for ourselves and we also show up for others.

I want to tell you my story really quickly because I think it’ll help you get in touch with what my history is. I was never diagnosed with PCOS; I discovered that I had probably had PCOS, but eight years ago or so, when I was young, PCOS was just not commonly diagnosed and still to this day it’s a really confusing condition.

Please watch our Day 1 video in the Break Free From PCOS free training series to learn more about how to be the best you! To watch all videos in their entirety and access the assessments click here.

Next Steps

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