Does PCOS Go Away After Menopause?

Does PCOS Go Away After Menopause?

Dear Robin: “I have been told that my PCOS is gone due to my menopause. Is this true? Some of the symptoms have been reduced but they are not all gone.” ~ Susan

Dear Susan:  I’m glad to hear that some of your symptoms have been reduced, but you are correct – they will not subside completely.

If many of your PCOS symptoms were related to your menstrual cycle, then many of those will be gone because you no longer have a period.

This might look like no longer having problems with menstrual regularity, ovulation, PMS symptoms (although you’ll still feel some of this each month even though you’re not cycling), heavy bleeding, etc.

However, the root causes of PCOS like insulin resistance, adrenal and thyroid issues and chronic inflammation do not go away post menopause, but in fact they can get worse. So you’ll need to take a look at your hormone deal-breakers to see where you might need more support. Watch this video to get started. ~ Robin

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