Outta the Mouths of Docs

by Angi Ingalls
PCOS in ConnecTion
We, as a community, often fall too easily into believing our doctors are pedestal-bound. When did we put so much faith into our medical community and forget that they are human as we are? They make the same mistakes, forget just as we do and can often say the same ignorant remarks as anyone.
If I had a penny for every inadequate, misinformed, sadistic, or inconsiderate comment made by a medical professional to a patient, we may have all the money needed for a diabetes-cure; I am sure of it.
I remember several years ago a woman told me her doctor dismissed PCOS simply because she did not suffer from polycystic ovaries. This came without any blood work. His sole basis was on an ultrasound. Case closed. This woman went two extra years without answers or treatments because her gynecologist didn’t do his homework. I am happy to say; after our discussion and connecting with the doctor listed in her area from the PCOSA, she got her diagnosis, treatment and ultimately a successful pregnancy.
When I was very young I can remember crying many times after visits with doctors because of the cold-hearted words that came from their mouths. I have heard “you’re fat, stop eating so much macaroni and cheese” after a gloveless vaginal exam, “lose the weight and you will be normal”, and even “you’ll never be a mother because you’re too fat and ignorant to stop eating all the crap in your life”. I have even had a nurse say to me “Ya know, you could get pregnant if you didn’t fool yourself into thinking you aren’t responsible for your infertility”. Yes, my mouth dropped too,
What kind of impact do you think this behavior has on a patient, especially one with low self-esteem? For me, my depression increased, my self-worth diminished, I stopped caring about my appearance or the foods I ate and I wanted to leave my then-husband thinking he could do better. My low self-esteem affected every part of my life from working to relationships to not wanting to leave my yard.
Since those days I have become more aware of the truth about prediabetes and my self-worth.
I’m interested in hearing your experiences. By expressing yourself here you could help another patient who may be going through the same thing and help prevent some of the struggles we have had to endure.
Angi Ingalls; PCOS in ConnecTion
Guest PCOS writer
Educator for over 18 years
Diagnosed in 1985 at 12, living with PCOS since 1981

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