Occasional High Blood Pressure “The Most Dangerous”

High blood pressure is a classic symptom of heart-damaging metabolic syndrome, which is closely linked with PCOS. And those with occasional high blood pressure spikes are more at risk of stroke than consistently high readings, a new study suggests.
The findings are of particular importance to women, who become more vulnerable than men to stroke as they get older Current guidelines focus on measuring average blood pressure levels to spot and prevent the chance of a stroke. But new research says doctors should no longer ignore variations in test results and advises focusing on prescribing drugs that produce the steadiest blood pressure levels.
It is not clear why occasional spikes would increase a person’s risk of stroke. But the spikes might put undue stress on the cardiovascular system.
Those with high blood pressure who test themselves at home should mention variations in the results to their doctor. Experts stress that those already prescribed medication for high blood pressure should not worry or stop taking their pills. But the new findings might add a new measure to help doctors make decisions about whom to treat for hypertension and which drug to use.
The symptoms of both metabolic syndrome and PCOS can be better managed or even reversed with weight loss via a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise.

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