How Movement Relieves Symptoms of PCOS

Hi, this is Robin Nielsen and today we’re gonna talk about movement…also known as exercise. I like to say movement because moving our bodies can make us feel so much better with PCOS….

It can help us to be happier by supporting the production of our happy brain chemistry… and reduce cravings…it can help us to be more insulin sensitive so we have more energy to burn fat for fuel instead of storing it around our middle…and movement helps to keep our other hormones in balance too…but it has to be fun right?

Otherwise we just won’t do it…so get started by walking every day. That’s it…just walk every day – maybe even twice a day. Do you remember skipping when you were a child?…. Well, it’s movement and it’s always fun…I dare you…Try skipping without smiling – I bet you can’t do it!…or put on your favorite music and dance to a few songs. Really get down with your bad self!

I love to dance, play tennis, surf, walk, ride my bike, practice yoga – all of it. But I hate the gym…. So share your favorite movement with us on our FB page and get out there and move!

See you next week!

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