More Natural Ways to Lose Weight for PCOS Health

As we’ve been reporting this week, it’s encouraging to know nature is often on your side when it comes to losing weight.

Here are two more examples of what we mean:


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has reported green tea contains catechins, a substance thought to stimulate the body to burn more calories, helping you to lose weight in double-quick time. Drinking three to six cups of green tea a day speeds up the rate your body burns cellular energy by up to 40%, and also increases the rate of fat burning.Researchers found this effect is caused by the combination of caffeine and flavonoids found in the tea, whether it is drunk hot or cold. Green tea also contains certain antioxidants which are believed to have an effect on the hormone Leptin — responsible for controlling appetite.

TIP: Substitute green tea for other drinks, and consume regularly throughout the day for a figure-improving beverage.


This fruit contains pectin, a natural soluble fibre and gelling agent, which mops up fat stored by the body, and slowing the digestive process so you feel full after eating less food. U.S. researchers found that lemon acids and pectin can slow the absorption of sugar after a meal, and avoid those low blood-sugar dips which can result in snacking. Vitamin C in lemons also helps us to produce carnitine — an amino acid to encourage the body to burn fat. Studies at Arizona State University found that volunteers with adequate vitamin C burned 30 per cent more fat during exercise than those with low levels.

TIP: Try to incorporate the zest and juice of a lemon in your diet daily, squeeze over salads or into sauces or simply add to warm water and drink.

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